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Spice Up Your Party
with a little Spirit!


Treat your VIP guests to an experience they'll never forget, when you invite them to a private Houdini Seance & Gourmet Dinner at the
world famous Magic Castle.


    Let's face it, planning a party isn't all fun and games. There's a lot  to consider - the date,  invitations, venue, theme, the caterer, the entertainment,  the decor - and the list goes on and on. Now you can enjoy the fun - we  handle all the hard work.

    You and your guests receive invitations to the world's most famous private  club for magicians and magical enthusiasts, the very exclusive Magic Castle  in Hollywood, California. There must be exactly twelve participants, no  more, no less. Special placards will guide guests to their seats, in your  private dining room, for one of the most unusual evenings ever. A private  gourmet dinner, red and white wines, a freshly prepared dessert and brandy  to finish. Only cocktails are extra and we don't recommend many before  the seance!

    Then the real fun begins...following dinner, the thirteenth guest -  the Medium, will complete the circle to guide you through a seance as Houdini  might have seen it. He will tell about Houdini  seances and demonstrate  many of the manifestations including the final part and highlight of the  evening...the dark seance.

    Also, you and your guests are welcome to enjoy the many shows and unique  entertainment offered at The Magic Castle, including "Invisible Irma",  "The Close-Up Gallery", The Parlour  of Prestidigitation",  "The Palace of Mystery", and more.


Magic Castle Entertainment & Dinner Packages.

    We'll arrange a private pre-dinner show for you and your guests,  banquet services and an  exciting magical evening at the world famous Magic  Castle. All at a very affordable price.

    Contact us to reserve these unique packages, or for the best in magical entertainment  at your home, office, hotel or restaurant.

    • Magicians
    • Hypnotists
    • Psychics
    • Illusionists
    • Motivational Speakers
    • Tarot Card Readers

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